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Bonsai... a Japanese word meaning "tray-planted," bonsai refers to the art of training drawf trees and growing the miniaturized trees in pots or containers. Bonsai trees are dwarfed by pruning roots and branches to create an artistic sculpture. Whether you are interested in raising Bonsai trees as hobby or profession, Bonsai Tree Source has everything you need to succeed including artificial Bonsai trees, seeds, trees, pots, tools, and useful articles and tips.

Today's Most Popular Bonsai Trees and Products

Image: Cast Iron LanternCast Iron Lantern - Sale Price: $49.95
Decorative cast iron lantern, can be used indoors or outdoors, on a table of from its hanging hook.

Image: Lantana Bonsai Tree (Lantana Involucrata)Lantana Bonsai Tree (Lantana Involucrata) - Sale Price: $49.95
Lantana is an evergreen with textured bark, rough, pointed, toothed and scented leaves which are used as a condiment in cooking and the essential oils are used in cosmetics an liquors. This tropical plant is native to the Caribbean region and is now naturalized in Florida. Flowers are white, 4-5 united, lobed petals to 1/4 inch across. Flowers in summer and fall. Attracts butterflies. Likes sun and both humid and dry heat. Fruit is drupe-like berry, clustered, fleshy and black to 1/2 inch diameter. Low indoor maintenance.

Image: Flowering Chinzan Azalea (Large) (Satzuki Azalea Chinzan)Flowering Chinzan Azalea (Large) (Satzuki Azalea Chinzan) - Sale Price: $59.95
Unlike other Azaleas that bloom in the spring, the Chinzan can bloom frequently throughout the year with one or more salmon/pink blooms. Satsuki Azaleas are known for their prized flowers and small evergreen leaves. Easy outdoor care.

Image: Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Land/Water  with Scalloped Edges 12.0 x 9.5 x 3.0Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Land/Water with Scalloped Edges 12.0 x 9.5 x 3.0 - Sale Price: $18.00
Imported, glazed Chinese ceramic land/water pot. Oval, dark moss green color with scalloped edges

Image: Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Rectangle 12.0 x 9.5 x 3.375Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Rectangle 12.0 x 9.5 x 3.375 - Sale Price: $28.95
Imported ceramic bonsai pot

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