Norfolk Island Pine Bonsai Tree (Araucaria Heterophila)

Norfolk Island Pine Bonsai Tree (Araucaria Heterophila)


A Norfolk Island Pine Bonsai Tree is a delightful conifer with light green foliage that matures into a darker hue. This tree, one of the most recognized from the South Pacific, is known for its resilience in warm temperatures and even dry conditions, although it prefers to avoid direct, harsh sunlight.

These trees are carefully grown in groups of three in a pot, with each branch meticulously trimmed by hand. At 21 years old and standing 37" x 35" x 37" tall, this bonsai tree is a testament to time and careful cultivation.

It is an ideal indoor bonsai tree, nurtured and trained with expertise.

The tree is housed in an 8" Beige Square ceramic container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended and can be added at a small additional cost.