Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree - Pinus Thunbergii 'Mikawa'

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree - Pinus Thunbergii 'Mikawa'


The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree, also known as Pinus Thunbergii 'Mikawa', is a stunning specimen with its stiff dark green, short needles that are 3" - 5" long. This bonsai tree is easily distinguishable by its large grayish white terminal buds and fissured bark on the trunk and branches, a characteristic that becomes more pronounced with age.

Highly sought after for bonsai cultivation, this tree requires many years of careful nurturing to achieve the superior specimen status. The 'Mikawa' variety is the most commonly used for bonsai due to its unique features and adaptability. It thrives in sunny conditions and is hardy enough to be kept outdoors.

This particular tree is 55 years old and measures 26" x 32" x 36". It's an outdoor evergreen bonsai, meticulously grown and trained to achieve its current form.

The tree is potted in a 19" brown rectangle mica container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended for optimal growth and can be added at a small additional cost.