Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree (acer palmatum 'kiyohime yatsubusa')

Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree (acer palmatum 'kiyohime yatsubusa')


The Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree, belonging to the 'Yatsubusa' group, is a rare gem. Its slow growth and small, soft-textured leaves make it a unique addition to any collection. The tree boasts numerous twiggy branches that add to its charm. In the spring, the leaves display a thin purple/pink edge, which transitions to a glossy, dark green with red margins by summer. The fall brings a vibrant yellow to orange color transformation.

At 57 years old and standing 20" x 25" x 24" tall, this outdoor deciduous bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained. It's housed in a 12" brown rectangle mica container. To ensure optimal health and growth, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, available at a small additional cost.

Depending on the season, the tree may be shipped with mature, turning, and transitioning foliage in late summer (August), as it prepares for dormancy. During autumn and winter, it may be shipped with no foliage, but rest assured, the tree will emerge from dormancy and re-grow foliage in early Spring.