Twisty Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree (pinus mugo 'twisty')

Twisty Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree (pinus mugo 'twisty')


The Twisty Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree is a captivating sight with its trained twists and turns. This dwarf evergreen boasts a dense growth habit and dark green needles that remain vibrant throughout the year. It's a slow grower, demonstrating resilience with hardiness up to -50 degrees F, making it an ideal outdoor companion.

At 18 years old, this bonsai stands 7" x 9" x 14" tall, a testament to its years of careful cultivation and training.

This outdoor evergreen bonsai tree has been meticulously grown and trained, ensuring its unique and captivating form.

It comes potted in an 8" Aztec Orange lotus-shaped container, complete with an attached humidity/drip tray. An additional tray can be purchased at a small extra cost.