Small Flowering Tropical Boxwood Bonsai Tree (Neea Buxifolia)

Small Flowering Tropical Boxwood Bonsai Tree (Neea Buxifolia)


The Neea Buxifolia, commonly known as 'Nia', is a fascinating bonsai tree originating from Puerto Rico. This delightful tree is part of the Bouganvillea family, featuring oblong leaves that are approximately a quarter inch long with a rounded apex.

During its growing season, the tree showcases a deep red hue on its new shoots, making it particularly eye-catching. In the spring and summer, it blossoms with small flowers, followed by tiny, red mature fruit in the summer, providing a lively burst of color to any indoor environment.

This 4-year-old bonsai, standing 5-6" tall, has been meticulously grown and trained by skilled bonsai cultivators. It's a recommended indoor flowering bonsai tree that is sure to infuse your home or office with a hint of tropical allure.

For optimal growth and health, a suitable humidity/drip tray is suggested and can be included for a small additional cost.