Sago Palm Bonsai Tree (Cycas Revoluta)

Sago Palm Bonsai Tree (Cycas Revoluta)


The Sago Palm is an exotic, long-lived palm that flourishes with care, yet is resilient enough to withstand neglect. It adapts well to a variety of lighting conditions, from indirect light to full sun, and can tolerate a wide temperature range from 15 to 120 degrees F. Its slow growth rate makes it an ideal indoor plant, as it can remain in the same container for an indefinite period.

This bonsai, which is 15 years old and stands 12-13" tall, is perfect for indoor settings. Treat it like a cactus -- water it when it's almost dry and fertilize it sparingly. It's a fantastic indoor bonsai that brings a touch of the exotic to your home or office.

This bonsai has been grown and trained by skilled professionals, ensuring its quality and beauty. To enhance its growth and maintain its health, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, which can be added at a small additional cost.