Money Bonsai Tree Stump Style (Pachira Aquatica)

Money Bonsai Tree Stump Style (Pachira Aquatica)


The Money Tree, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, boasts a single, thick trunk adorned with up to five unique light green leaves that fan out at the top. This hardy plant is known for its resilience, requiring minimal care and thriving even in low light and dry conditions. It's a popular choice for Feng Shui enthusiasts, as it's believed to generate positive energy (Chi or Qi).

At 12 years old and standing approximately 8" - 10" tall, this indoor bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained in a Thick Trunk style. It's a perfect addition to any space, be it home, office, or dorm, especially where natural light isn't overly abundant.

For optimal growth, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, which can be added at a small additional cost.