Money Bonsai Tree with Braided Trunk (pachira aquatica)


The Money Bonsai Tree, also known as the Good Luck or Good Fortune Tree, is a resilient plant that doesn't require much care. Its hardy nature makes it extremely tolerant of low light and dryness. This tree is popular in Feng Shui practices as it is believed to create positive energy (Chi or Qi), bringing prosperity and wealth to your surroundings.

At 22 years old and standing 42" tall, this tree is a mature and impressive addition to any home or office. Its knotted trunk style adds a unique touch to its appearance.

This indoor bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained. It comes potted in an 8" Parisian red square ceramic container, complete with an attached humidity/drip tray. An additional tray can be purchased at a small extra cost.