Moisture Meter for Bonsai Care

Moisture Meter for Bonsai Care


A Moisture Meter is an indispensable tool in the care of your Bonsai tree. Regardless of your expertise level, this tool eliminates the guesswork in watering, ensuring your tree gets the right amount of moisture it needs. Simply insert the probe at the root ball level, check the moisture level, and water your tree if necessary, typically at level "3" for most Bonsai trees. After use, remember to remove the probe from the soil, wipe it clean, and store in a dry place.

The Moisture Meter measures the moisture at the root level, helping to prevent both over and under watering of your Bonsai tree.

It comes with a scale ranging from 1 (Very Dry) to 10 (Just Watered Wet). For most Bonsai trees, re-watering is recommended at level 3.

For accurate readings, it's crucial to clean and dry the meter after each use. Avoid leaving it in the soil between uses or as a gauge. The meter measures electrical impulses in the soil and will not respond to water alone, such as when submerged in a glass. Shipping is free with a tree purchase at an additional small cost.