Mistletoe Fig Bonsai Tree (Ficus Diversifolia)

Mistletoe Fig Bonsai Tree (Ficus Diversifolia)


The Mistletoe Fig Bonsai Tree, a member of the vast Ficus genus, is one of the rare species that can bear fruit indoors. Its leaves, adorned with tiny brown spots, and oval shape resemble mistletoe, lending the tree its name. The tree produces pea-sized, inedible fruits throughout the year, adding a unique charm to its appearance.

Known for its slow growth, this bonsai tree is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of gradual development. It's an excellent choice for indoor decoration, bringing a touch of nature into your living space.

This 8-year-old bonsai stands 9"-11" tall, showcasing its growth and maturity. It has been carefully grown and trained to ensure its health and aesthetic appeal.

A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended for optimal care of this bonsai tree, which can be added at a small additional cost.