Juniper Bonsai Tree Trained (juniper procumbens 'nana')

Juniper Bonsai Tree Trained (juniper procumbens 'nana')


The Juniper Bonsai Tree, a dwarf variety from Japan, is the most sought-after evergreen in the U.S. The image of a traditional bonsai is often associated with this specific tree, the "Juniper Procumbens Nana". Its hardiness, longevity, and ability to withstand adverse conditions make it a favorite among bonsai enthusiasts. This particular specimen is trained in a specific style.

At 23 years old, it measures 13" x 15" x 14" tall.

This recommended bonsai tree is grown and trained by a skilled bonsai artist.

It comes potted in a 9" brown round mica container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended and can be added at a small additional cost.