Juniper Bonsai Tree Trained (Juniper Procumbens 'Nana')

Juniper Bonsai Tree Trained (Juniper Procumbens 'Nana')


The Juniper Procumbens Nana, a dwarf Juniper from Japan, is the most sought-after evergreen in the United States. This bonsai tree is known for its hardiness and longevity, thriving even in adverse conditions. Its trained style is a classic representation of traditional bonsai aesthetics.

At 17 years old, this bonsai measures 7" x 13" x 13" in height. It's a highly recommended bonsai tree, meticulously grown and trained for perfection.

The bonsai is beautifully presented in a 9" blue/green ceramic container. To enhance its beauty and maintain its health, a suitable humidity/drip tray is suggested, available at a minimal additional cost.