Juniper Bonsai Tree Complete Starter Kit

Juniper Bonsai Tree Complete Starter Kit


Embark on a rewarding journey with this all-inclusive Juniper Bonsai Tree Starter Kit. The kit comes with a fully trimmed and potted Juniper Bonsai Tree, nestled in a glazed ceramic container.

Also included in the kit are essential bonsai tools such as annealed training wire, traditional bonsai shears, and slow-release fertilizer pellets.

Adding to the charm of the kit are decorative elements like multi-colored textured rock, decorative pebbles for the soil, and a ceramic miniature figurine.

A humidity/drip tray is provided for optimal tree health, and a book titled '101 Essential Tips on Bonsai' is included for beginners. This 4-year-old starter tree stands 6" tall and is perfect for gifting.