Juniper Bonsai Tree Cascade Style (juniper procumbens 'nana')

Juniper Bonsai Tree Cascade Style (juniper procumbens 'nana')


The Dwarf Juniper from Japan stands as the most favored evergreen in the U.S. The quintessential image of a traditional bonsai is often a "Juniper Procumbens Nana". These trees are robust, enduring, and can withstand various conditions. They are trained in a cascade style.

This particular specimen is 62 years old, with dimensions of 16" x 36" x 17" tall.

It has been carefully grown and trained by skilled bonsai experts.

The tree is housed in a 7" Beige square ceramic container that comes with an attached humidity/drip tray. An additional tray can be purchased at a small extra cost.