Japanese Red Pine Bonsai Tree (pinus densi 'globosa')

Japanese Red Pine Bonsai Tree (pinus densi 'globosa')


The Japanese Red Pine Bonsai Tree, with its striking red trunk and flaky bark revealing hints of orange, is a sight to behold. Its slender, soft, dark green needles grow in pairs, creating a lush evergreen display. The tree produces an abundance of seed cones, similar to those of the Scots Pine, adding to its visual appeal.

Branches of this bonsai tree grow in an upright style, ensuring they never droop. In Japanese culture, the Red Pine is considered feminine, while the Black Pine is seen as masculine. This bonsai tree is particularly noted for its showy trunk.

At 58 years old and measuring 23" x 26" x 24" tall, this bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained. It is a hardy evergreen that should be kept outdoors.

The tree comes potted in a 12" brown round drum mica container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended and can be added at a small additional cost.