Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree Small (acer palmatum 'atropurpureum')

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree Small (acer palmatum 'atropurpureum')


The Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree, known for its finely dissected palmette shaped leaves, is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Its delicate texture adds a soft touch to patios, decks, balconies, or gardens. This deciduous tree thrives outdoors and is 9 years old, standing 12" - 14" tall.

Expertly grown and trained, this bonsai tree is a recommended outdoor variety. A suitable humidity/drip tray is suggested for optimal growth, available at a small additional cost.

During late summer (August), the tree may be shipped with mature, turning, and transitioning foliage as it prepares for dormancy. It may also be shipped with no foliage during autumn and winter. Fear not, as the tree will emerge from dormancy and re-grow foliage in early Spring.