Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree (Shindeshojo)

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree (Shindeshojo)


The Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree, known as 'Shindeshojo', is renowned for its stunning Crimson Red Spring foliage, the best among all Japanese Maples. This vibrant color lasts for about a month before subtly transitioning to a reddish-green and eventually settling into a lush green by summer. As autumn approaches, the leaves transform into captivating shades of red and orange, adding a splash of color to your outdoor space.

This deciduous bonsai tree, aged at 41 years, stands at an impressive 24" x 23" x 36" tall. It's an outdoor bonsai tree that has been carefully grown and trained. During the winter months, the tree may not have any foliage, but this is a natural part of its life cycle and it will bloom again with the arrival of spring.

The tree is potted in a 17" brown rectangle mica container, which complements its natural beauty. To ensure the tree's health and longevity, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, which can be added at a small additional cost. Please note that the tree may be shipped without foliage during autumn and winter.