Flowering Red Azalea Bonsai Tree - 'Hino Crimson' (Kurume)

Flowering Red Azalea Bonsai Tree - 'Hino Crimson' (Kurume)


The Azalea, a member of the Rhododendron genus, is an evergreen tree that bursts into a spectacle of deep red flowers in spring. These vibrant blossoms linger on the tree for weeks, creating a stunning display that's sure to be a conversation starter.

This particular specimen is 18 years old and measures 21" x 22" x 23" tall, making it a substantial and impressive addition to any collection.

As an outdoor evergreen bonsai tree, it has been carefully grown and trained to create a striking show piece. It's housed in an 11" brown oval mica container, which complements the tree's natural beauty.

A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended for optimal care and can be added at a minimal extra cost.