Flowering Red Anthurium Bonsai Tree ('Small Talk') (Anthurium Andraeanum)

Flowering Red Anthurium Bonsai Tree ('Small Talk') (Anthurium Andraeanum)


The Anthurium, a tropical gem renowned for its longevity and universal appeal, is truly a sight to behold. This premium Red Anthurium, boasting bright red, heart-shaped blooms, has won hearts around the globe. The name Anthurium, a combination of 'anthos' meaning flower, and 'oura' meaning tail, pays tribute to its tiny spadix-like features.

This specific Anthurium has been expertly hybridized for indoor use, making it a perfect houseplant. It demands minimal care, promising to flourish and add a touch of beauty to your space for years. This 4-year-old bonsai, standing 12"-13" tall, is the perfect size for any indoor setting.

Currently in bloom, this bonsai tree has been nurtured and meticulously trained by skilled hands. To preserve its vibrant beauty, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, available at a small additional cost.