Flowering Pink Azalea Bonsai Tree (Azalea 'Tiny Dancer')

Flowering Pink Azalea Bonsai Tree (Azalea 'Tiny Dancer')


The Azalea Bonsai tree is a spectacle of shell pink double blooms, as soft and ruffled as a dancer's skirts. Its frilled and delicate flowers bring an elegant touch to any setting.

This small to medium-sized indoor bonsai is ideal for those who love the allure of nature but are constrained by space. At 5 years old and standing 10-11" tall, this tree is a beautiful representation of bonsai cultivation.

Each tree is meticulously grown and trained, ensuring its quality and aesthetic appeal. To promote its growth and maintain its health, a suitable humidity or drip tray is recommended, available for a small additional cost.