Flowering Peach Tropical Hibiscus Bonsai Tree (Rosa Sinsensis)

Flowering Peach Tropical Hibiscus Bonsai Tree (Rosa Sinsensis)


Native to Asia and the Pacific Islands, the Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, also known as the national flower of Malaysia, is a vibrant addition to any indoor space. Although it's often associated with Hawaii, the Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis is a unique species that stands out with its radiant red blossoms.

This particular bonsai tree is 11 years old and stands 12-14" tall. It's been meticulously trained with a braided trunk, adding an extra layer of visual interest. The 2" diameter blossoms are a striking red color, blooming during spring, summer, and fall. They can even bloom in winter if the environment is warm enough.

As an indoor bonsai tree, it's been grown and trained with care. It's recommended to pair this bonsai with a suitable humidity/drip tray for optimal growth, which can be added at a small additional cost.