Flowering Parrot's Beak Large Bonsai Tree (gmelina philippensis)

Flowering Parrot's Beak Large Bonsai Tree (gmelina philippensis)


The Parrot's Beak Bonsai, scientifically known as Gmelina, is a unique, round, and spiny tree. Its leaves come in a variety of shapes, ranging from oval to ivy or "duck foot". This tree is known for its exotic flowers, which consist of yellow blooms that emerge from a tube-like structure of overlapping bracts, resembling a parrot's beak. The fruit of this tree is fleshy, smooth, yellow, pear-shaped, and about 2 centimeters long. Native to the Philippine Islands, India, and Southeast Asia, this tree can tolerate cold down to the lower 30s and may become deciduous in colder weather.

This particular specimen is 13 years old and stands 13-14" tall. It's a recommended indoor flowering bonsai tree, skillfully grown and trained.

A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended for optimal growth and can be added at a small additional cost.