Flowering Horseflesh Mahogany Bonsai Tree (Lysiloma Sabicu)

Flowering Horseflesh Mahogany Bonsai Tree (Lysiloma Sabicu)


The Lysiloma Sabicu, a large, evergreen tree native to the Bahamas, is a sight to behold with its weeping form and rustic, scaly bark that ages into a grayish-cinnamon hue. Its leaves, rounded at the tips, grow at a moderate pace, adding to the tree's overall charm.

Boasting small leaves, petite Powder-Puff flowers, and rustic bark, this bonsai tree is deciduous. It sheds all its leaves around December, entering a dormant phase until the end of February. However, as a tropical tree, its roots should not be disturbed during this period.

The tree's bark is a rough grey-brown, breaking into long, uneven strips. Its leaves are a rich dark green, with pale green undersides. In early summer and throughout the year, it produces dense white powder-puff flowers. Brown fruit pods, growing 3-4" with a slight twist, also adorn the tree.

This 25-year-old bonsai tree, standing 16" x 19" x 27" tall, is potted in a 12" brown rectangle mica container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, available at an additional small cost.