Flowering & Fruiting Pineapple Bonsai Tree (Ananas Nana)

Flowering & Fruiting Pineapple Bonsai Tree (Ananas Nana)


Experience the tropical luxury with this unique Flowering & Fruiting Pineapple Bonsai Tree, native to South America. This bonsai not only adds an exotic touch to your home but also offers the delight of edible fruits. It thrives in sunny conditions and is drought tolerant, but for optimal fruit production, a weekly watering routine is recommended. This bonsai is perfect for indoor settings.

At 6 years old and standing 19-20" tall, this bonsai is currently bearing fruit, ready to bring a slice of the tropics into your home.

This bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained to ensure its quality and beauty.

A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended for this bonsai, which can be added at a small additional cost.