Dwarf Norway Spruce Bonsai Tree (Picea Abies 'Pusch')

Dwarf Norway Spruce Bonsai Tree (Picea Abies 'Pusch')


A Dwarf Norway Spruce Bonsai Tree is a small, slow-growing tree that is known for its abundance of bright red cones that appear on many short shoots in spring. As these cones age, they turn brown, adding another layer of visual interest to this already ornamental tree. When young, the tree has a globose shape, but as it matures, it develops an upright broad shape. This tree is extremely hardy and is best kept outdoors.

At 26 years old, this bonsai tree stands 19" x 22" x 19" tall, making it a substantial addition to any garden or outdoor space.

This outdoor bonsai tree has been carefully grown and trained to ensure its health and longevity.

The tree is potted in a 9" brown round drum mica container. A suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended and can be added at a small additional cost.