Deodar Cedar 'Snow Sprite' Bonsai Tree (Cedrus Deodara)

Deodar Cedar 'Snow Sprite' Bonsai Tree (Cedrus Deodara)


The Deodar Cedar 'Snow Sprite' Bonsai Tree is a unique conifer recognized for its compact needles that transition from ivory-white to a creamy-yellow hue. Despite its age, the 'Snow Sprite' maintains a small and compact stature, distinguishing it from other species. It thrives best in part shade, where its bright foliage seems to glow in the dark, adding a magical touch to any outdoor space.

This 31-year-old beauty measures 15" x 22" x 18" tall, making it a perfect centerpiece for your garden or patio.

It has been meticulously grown and trained to maintain its elegant form. The tree is housed in a 14" brown oval mica container, which complements its vibrant foliage. To enhance its growth and maintain its health, a suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended, available at a small additional cost.