Baby Jade Bonsai Tree Complete Starter Kit

Baby Jade Bonsai Tree Complete Starter Kit


This comprehensive Baby Jade Bonsai Tree Starter Kit is the perfect package for anyone looking to delve into the world of bonsai cultivation. The kit comes with a fully trimmed and potted Baby Jade Bonsai Tree, beautifully housed in a glazed ceramic container, adding an elegant touch to your home or office decor.

Also included in the kit are essential bonsai tools and accessories such as annealed training wire, multi-colored textured rock, decorative pebbles for the soil, a ceramic miniature figurine, a humidity/drip tray, traditional bonsai shears, and slow-release fertilizer pellets. These items are designed to help you properly care for and maintain your bonsai tree.

For beginners, the kit comes with a book titled '101 Essential Tips on Bonsai', which provides valuable insights and tips on bonsai care. The bonsai tree in the kit is a 5-year-old starter tree, standing at 9" tall. This kit is not only fun and great for beginners but also makes a perfect gift for any plant lover.