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Traditional Beginner Bonsai Shears

Image: Traditional Beginner Bonsai Shears Sale Price: $19.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Traditional Beginner Bonsai Shears
Traditional beginner shears made in China.
Click here for ....Entire Tool Set. Sale! $96.03 - Shipping for entire set is $10.95

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The European Beech has the darkest gray bark and darkest green leaves of all the Beeches. Some leaves are held late into the winter and the smooth bark is quite ornamental. The most distinctive feature of the Beech is its unmistakable cigar-shaped buds. These buds are rather tender and the Beech does not produce secondary buds. Nature's way of protecting these buds is for the Beech to retain its dead leaves throughout the winter. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

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This succulent bonsai, also known as the "Elephant Bush", is native to South Africa and has pale green leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant. The fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves are used to store water. An excellent bonsai tree for indoors.

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Saves plants from waiting to make many life-process complexes, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. 50 vitamins and hormones in one for immediate use by plants. Add one drop to each gallon of fertilizer mixture and apply when watering. Use also after re-potting.

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Also known as Mexicana Ficus. Elongated, light green leaves have a striking resemblance to the popular Weeping Willow tree. Has a heavy trunk with banyan roots. This tree does particularly well indoors in lower or higher lighting conditions.

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