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Hemp Brush

Image: Hemp Brush Sale Price: $14.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Hemp Brush
Hemp Brush. Used to smooth the top of the soil and is helpful with cleaning up a Penjing. Firm but not too stiff.

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The Italian Cypress or Mediterranean Cypress is a great indoor bonsai tree which can be grown singularly or in groups. Originally found in the eastern Mediteranean area, this bonsai is susceptible to the cold which means that either you must bring it indoors during the winter or grow it in a fairly warm climate. They feature fine green/gray foliage which actually grows in flattened sprays. They also grow "cool looking" tiny elongated brown cones during the year, something that is somewhat rare in bonsai.

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Native to tropical Africa and naturalized around the world. The Tamarind is an attractive tree valued for its shade and edible fruit. The foliage is bright green, dense, pinnate and feathery in appearance. The leaflets close at night. The inconspicuous, inch-wide, five petaled flowers are borne in small racemes and are yellow with orange or red streaks. The flower buds are pink due to the outer color of the four sepals which are shed when the flower opens. The Tamarind is long-lived and slow growing. Prized as bonsai due to the very attractive rough bark that it develops. Makes a great indoor bonsai.

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