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Frog Planter

Image: Frog Planter Sale Price: $27.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Frog Planter

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Ceramic bonsai pot, square cascade, Parisian Red

Image: Rock Planting Slab  15x8x1Rock Planting Slab 15x8x1 - Sale Price: $26.95
New! Specially designed Rock Planting Slab for bonsai. Designed by BonsaiBoy and made by a top artificial rock manufacturer. Our rock slabs are made of a commercial grade GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) mixture and features two built in drainage holes with a raised lip around the planting area and of course, all the look and feel of a real rock.

Image: Wooden Display Table - 12 x 7.5 x 4 tallWooden Display Table - 12 x 7.5 x 4 tall - Sale Price: $114.95
Wooden display table. Made in China. Semi-gloss finish.

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Beautiful white, star-shaped, miniature flowers. This sub-tropical variegated evergreen, which is imported from Japan, blooms profusely with delicate white miniature flowers. Easy indoor maintenance. Excellent for beginners.

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Real Hawaiian lava rock is hand selected to provide a happy home for your Schefflera Luseanne bonsai. Schefflera Luseanne are extra special, patented trees that stay smaller and more compact than the ordinary varieties. Place in a bright window or on a countertop. Best to keep some water in a humidity/drip tray/saucer and fertilize monthly at half the manufacturers recommended strength with a water soluble fertilizer found in your local garden shop or on our website. With reasonable care your volcano bonsai should last for years.

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