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Fogger Indoor Water Fountain Fogger

Image: Fogger Indoor Water Fountain Fogger Sale Price: $49.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Fogger Indoor Water Fountain Fogger
Give your indoor fountain a more tropical look! It works like a humidifier ... ultrasonic vibrations make the water turn into "cool steam". In addition to providing fog for beauty and atmosphere it is also a wonderful aromatherapy diffuser. Just add a drop or two of scented oil (lavender, eucalyptus etc.) into the water and the fragrance will carry throughout the room.
- Fog fills up to a 12" diameter container approx 4"-5" high
- 1"x2"
- UL listed transformer and instructions included
- input voltage 115 VAC 60 HZ
- output voltage 36 VAC
- output electric current 1.2A
- Shuts off automatically when not submerged or when water level gets too low.
- 30 day guaranty

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