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Flowering Princess Earrings Bonsai Tree - Large (dichrostachys cinerea)

Image: Flowering Princess Earrings Bonsai Tree - Large (dichrostachys cinerea) Sale Price: $79.95

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Flowering Princess Earrings Bonsai Tree - Large (dichrostachys cinerea)
A small semi-deciduous tropical tree native to South Africa. It is also known as Bell Mimosa or Chinese Lantern. The word 'dichrostachys' means '2 colored spike' and 'cinerea' refers to its greyish hairs. The delicate pink and yellow inflorescens resembles precious earrings hanging from a tree. The flower starts off pink and the next day it fades to white. Can produce blooms almost year round in full sun. The fruit and seeds that are produced are edible and the flowers can be a valuable source of honey. Wonderful flowering bonsai for indoors.

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