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Decorative Landscape Pebbles (Small Grade Size)

Image: Decorative Landscape Pebbles (Small Grade Size) Sale Price: $3.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Decorative Landscape Pebbles (Small Grade Size)
Decorative earth tone non-toxic pebbles to place on top of the soil for a complete landscaped appearance

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A finishing, practical addition to your bonsai living sculpture. Not only do they visually enhance the placement of your tree, but humidity/drip trays make watering simple, provide essential humidity for your tree and protect furniture from stain and damage.

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The Surinam Cherry is a sub-tropical evergreen with dark green ovate leaves formed in pairs. Striking red exfoliating (flaking) bark. In spring, may bear small white flowers which is followed by red edible fruit. Popular landscape tree in the southern part of the USA. Ours is trained in the broom style. Does very well indoors.

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