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Architectural Birdhouse/Feeder - Yellow (West Coast Dweller)

Image: Architectural Birdhouse/Feeder - Yellow (West Coast  Dweller) Sale Price: $29.95

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From Bonsai Boy of NY

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Architectural Birdhouse/Feeder - Yellow (West Coast Dweller)
Our Architectural Birdhouse is handcrafted of kiln-dried hardwood, exterior grade ply-board and western red cedar or pine shingles for the roof. The finish is a non-toxic, oil-based paint. Our birdhouse is intended for use with wildlife and, therefore, no pressure-treated wood or harmful chemicals have been applied. The cedar shingles will naturally patina to a silvery gray color with sun bleaching. Structure is built with aeration slats for good air circulation. Solid wood with resin detail.

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